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The UK's most popular Koi Store invites you to browse a vast range of handpicked Koi and accessories. We stock everything you may need to build and upkeep a pond or tank as well as a wide range of Koi from baby Koi at only £3.95 to Koi of the highest quality (our most expensive at the moment being £7,500) and everything in-between. Whatever quality of Koi you are looking for we will have something suitable. Our Friendly staff offers free advice on any aspect of fish keeping and pond construction and will help you to the best of their abilities with any problems you may encounter.

We stock some of the best Koi you will find in the U.K

We also keep a wide range of coldwater fish for tanks and ponds including Golden Orfe,
Blue Orfe, Goldfish, Shubunkins, all kinds of Oranda, Tench Etc

We have 180 tanks of tropical fish from standard community fish to more unusual varieties.
Equipment - Food – Medications.
We Promise To Supply The Best Value For Money Fish Possible

A few words from the Proprietor of Quality Koi
Quality Koi was founded in 1979. As a hobbyist I found Koi addictive so I started to sell them to support my interest, and soon attracted a hard core of customers who liked my Koi appreciation.
In April 1985, Quality Koi Company was formed in Bridge End, Brighouse, West Yorkshire. From the opening day, our customer base has increased yearly. Up to date we can boast Privilege Card holding customers over 10,000.
In 1982 the first Ultraviolet Steriliser was made to our design - Since then millions have been sold.
At the same time we produced our trickle filters - So far we have not found anything as efficient in performance or price.
We send equipment and fish to many destinations. To date, 99% of recipients are very pleased with our service. Hopefully one day you will be too.
John Cowell