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Koi have been kept in captivity for longer than any other fish, evidence shows that people were keeping Koi as far back as the 8th century, and possibly before.
About 160 years ago, Koi keepers in Japan started to breed Koi for their colours, and the Koi we know today came into existance.

Size and Longevity
The Koi is the largest fresh water fish. Koi grow rapidly, anything up to 20 centimetres a year. Records exist of a Koi growing to 1 metre 53 Centimetres in length and weighing 45 Kilogrammes.
On average, Koi live about 70 years, although the oldest living Koi is said to be over 220 years old.

Koi are a pleasure to keep. Being omnivorous they are easy to feed, and they can be trained to take food from their owners hand easily. The Koi is a gentle fish, they do not attack each other as many fish do.
Although it is more enjoyable to have a large pond for your Koi, a smaller pond of 3 or 4 square metres makes a perfectly adequate home.
Large Koi can be quite valuable, but this does not mean that keeping Koi is an expensive hobby. By selecting young Koi with good pattern you will find the hobby falls within the tightest of budgets. There are many types and coloration patterns of Koi, Choose carefully and you will have chosen Koi which will be your friends for life.